Melon Bash: Odd Couple + Pabst + more

Adresa Laskerstr. 5, Berlin
Štítky Rock, Alternatíva/Indie, Rocknroll
Vstupné 14.30 €

Three musicians playing loud rock music, which everyone likes: power trio. Two amazing of these have formed in Berlin over the last few years and go on tour together now.

It is about Odd Couple (at least a trio when live) and Pabst. They are not only two of the best bands of the capital, but also two of the best rock bands of the whole country. Those nerds are so talented and stilistically secured, it is almost impudent. Odd Couple on one hand enrich their garage rock with a pinch of kraut and German “Schrammel-Indie”, whereas Pabst combine grunge, noise pop and 90s indie to a true feast.

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Rock, Rocknroll
Noise, Rock, Alternatíva/Indie, Stoner Rock
Pop, Rap, Emo-Pop


Odd Couple  Haste Strom, Haste Licht  Odd Couple – Haste Strom, Haste Licht 2:41 67 ×
Pabst  Shake The Disease  Pabst – Shake The Disease 0:00 9 ×
Mia Morgan  Waveboy  Mia Morgan – Waveboy 3:33 3 ×
Lingua Nada  Cyanide Soda  Lingua Nada – Cyanide Soda 4:15 19 ×
24/7 Diva Heaven  Doctor Touch  24/7 Diva Heaven – Doctor Touch 4:03 7 ×



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