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Mauli  Shoutouts  Mauli – Shoutouts 3:34 0 ×
Mauli  Kugeln  Mauli – Kugeln 3:53 0 ×
Mauli  Meine Jungs  Mauli – Meine Jungs 3:03 0 ×
Mauli  Klepto  Mauli – Klepto 5:01 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi Mauli

Mauli is way too young to have done so much right. As part of a new generation of artists, he breaks with the existing rules of the completely dusty music industry and goes the guerrilla way of smartphone management.

Mauli was born in Berlin. Practical, because he did not have to go there first to have an existential crisis after a few years and bury his remaining existence in ketamine. No, he was already there and wanted to stand on a stage since childhood. Drummer and singer or something in between. Luckily, nobody told him that it was stupid daydreaming, so today he even programs the drums he’s just singing over.

And if he had had a profit-oriented management on his mind, he would have damned his sleeves up after his debut album Spielverderber, which still stands today as his time ahead and the public praise of scene sizes like Sido & Raf Camora, and quickly made an successor. Expand hype, push brand, scale out reach. But he did not. A self-plagiarism enforced by assembly-line work should not become his second studio album. Much more a consistent, musical and lyrical development of his previous work. Did the 24-year-old Berliner on his first album still rant against rap colleagues of all notoriety and age groups, this time he renounced on this attention-grabbing stylistic device and foreign names completely. Everyone knows that he is cheeky. What is important to him and who he is will we learn on autismus x autotune. Each of the 10 songs has something to say in his field and we should listen.


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