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S Manami Kakudo

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Manami Kakudo – born in Nagasaki, Japan. Musician, Percussionist. Graduated Department of Instrumental music, Tokyo University of the Arts. She makes music and tricks using various instruments such as Marimba, her own voice and surrounding things which attracts her. The forms of her works can be not only sound performances but also sound installations and works in socially engaged art projects. In her solo works, she performs with handmade musical instruments, voice, piano, guitar and various things around her. She plays in the band “CERO” and conducts “Manami Kakuda with Tako Mansion Orchestra”. Also, she started to play with various musicians (Doppelzimmer, Kaoru Noda, Baku Furukawa). She also plays in TV programs and reocording work for TV programs / commercials and movies.


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