Ludwik Zamenhof

Folk, Elektronika, Ambient Poľsko…
S Ludwik Zamenhof

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Sylwester Bałkański Kraków, Klub RE ut 31. 12. 2019 21:00 Sylwester Bałkański
Potańcówka międzypokoleniowa: Ludwik Zamenhof Kraków, Zalew Nowohucki pia 30. 8. 2019 18:00 Potańcówka międzypokoleniowa: Ludwik Zamenhof
Ludwik Zamenhof Kraków, Alchemia so 8. 7. 2017 22:00 Ludwik Zamenhof
Romantic Fellas + Lennox Row + inni Kraków, Alchemia pia 9. 6. 2017 20:00 Romantic Fellas + Lennox Row + inni
Bałkańska potańcówka Kraków, Klub RE št 18. 5. 2017 21:00 Bałkańska potańcówka


Ludwik Zamenhof  Balkan Glitch Step  Ludwik Zamenhof - Balkan Glitch Step 3:23 19 ×
Ludwik Zamenhof  Miasto  Ludwik Zamenhof - Miasto 7:58 1 ×
Ludwik Zamenhof  Panjab Lagta Hai  Ludwik Zamenhof - Panjab Lagta Hai 3:32 0 ×
Ludwik Zamenhof  Maicho ne znaesh  Ludwik Zamenhof - Maicho ne znaesh 3:23 1 ×
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Info o umelcovi Ludwik Zamenhof

Ludwik Zamenhof is a one-man music project. The man’s real name is Andrzej Zagajewski and his alias is taken from from a Jewish doctor from Białystok who invented the Esperanto language. He uses two very different tools to create music: a mandola and a computer. All recordings and samples are destroyed, deconstructed and reconstructed. The resulting music contains a lot of noise, hum, clicks and various interruptions. Ludwik Zamenhof is inspired by Bulgarian, Polish, Balkan, Indian (dot not feather) and Syrian music. Folk and ethno samples are mixed with current electronic styles such as dubstep, drum and bass, IDM, breakcore and glitch.


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