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Praha 1, Roxy 25. 2. 2021 19:00 Lordi
Vizovice, Areál likérky Rudolf Jelínek 8. 7. – 11. 7. 2021 Masters of Rock 2021

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Masters of Rock 2020 Vizovice, Areál likérky Rudolf Jelínek 9. 7. – 12. 7. 2020 Masters of Rock 2020
Lordi Wrocław, A2 Centrum Koncertowe 31. 3. 2020 20:00 Lordi
Lordi + support: Flesh Roxon + Almanac Berlin, Kulturbrauerei 13. 3. 2020 19:30 Lordi + support: Flesh Roxon + Almanac
Lordi + Tarchon Fist + Flesh Roxon Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Majestic Music Club 18. 2. 2020 19:00 Lordi + Tarchon Fist + Flesh Roxon
Rock Heart 2017 Moravský Krumlov, Moravský Krumlov 18. 8. – 19. 8. 2017 Rock Heart 2017
Lordi Praha 5, MeetFactory 22. 10. 2016 20:00 Lordi


Lordi  Hard Rock Hallelujah  Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah 3:08 432 ×
Lordi  Would You Love A Monsterman  Lordi – Would You Love A Monsterman 3:19 12 ×
Lordi  Like A Bee To The Honey  Lordi – Like A Bee To The Honey 4:21 4 ×
Lordi  I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You  Lordi – I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You 4:16 2 ×
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Info o umelcovi Lordi

Lordi is a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band, formed in 1992 by the band’s lead singer, songwriter and costume maker, Mr Lordi (Tomi Petteri Putaansuu). In addition to their melodic metal music, Lordi are also known for wearing monster masks and using horror elements with pyrotechnics during concerts and music videos.

Lordi rose to fame in 2002 with their hit single Would You Love a Monsterman?. The band made history in 2006 by becoming the first, and still today the only, hard rock act and Finnish artist to win the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Hard Rock Hallelujah.

Lordi has toured around the world actively since 2002. The band records a new studio album in 2–3 years cycle, and at the same time Mr Lordi upgrades the costumes and masks of the band. Their ninth studio album Sexorcism was released in May 2018. The band has gone through several line-up changes, but original members Mr Lordi and guitarist Amen are still active with the band.

Members of Lordi have stated their desire for their unmasked faces to remain private. However, they have made a number of unmasked appearances in several news outlets.

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