Liza Anne

Adresa Skalitzer Str. 85-86, Berlin
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Fine But Dying is by far the most recognizable work of Liza Anne – the portrait of a young woman who seeks to come to terms with herself, with loss, mental illness and growing up as such. It is an album of dualisms, between vulnerability and harshness, between attributions and the development of one’s own identity.

In September, Liza Anne comes to Germany for three concerts.

Doors: 19:00

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Liza Anne  Small Talks  Liza Anne – Small Talks 2:43 8 ×
Liza Anne  Lost  Liza Anne - Lost 4:01 5 ×
Liza Anne  Kid Gloves  Liza Anne – Kid Gloves 3:30 3 ×
Liza Anne  I'm Tired You're Lonely  Liza Anne – I'm Tired You're Lonely 3:26 2 ×
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