Limpid Works

Limpid Works

Adresa Donská 9, Praha
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Telefón 702 804 747

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Limpid Works is a space dedicated to experience and express joy through movement, imagination, music and creativity. Here stories are allowed to happen and they stay for those who desire to listen and dream. The aim is to open perspectives, enhance perception and allow magic to happen between people, through the practices of dynamic and static forms of art.

There are artists, performers, musicians and teachers who believe that art is not only something which is created by professionals to be admired by public. But it is a beautiful tool for anyone who wants to bring new qualities into their life and find deeper connection to themselves. They use our chosen art and talents to design and run courses, activities and events that will increase your personal capacities and will make you feel better within yourself, open new possibilities for you and enrich your everyday life through art.


Zadaj názvy zastávky alebo ulice, odkiaľ chceš vyraziť a nájdi si najlepšie dopravné spojenie.


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