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Leszek Cichoński  Thanks Jimi  Leszek Cichoński - Thanks Jimi 11:29 4 ×
Leszek Cichoński  Foxy Lady  Leszek Cichoński - Foxy Lady 5:21 4 ×
Leszek Cichoński  Chevrolet  Leszek Cichoński - Chevrolet 6:34 1 ×
Leszek Cichoński  Dbaj O Miłość  Leszek Cichoński - Dbaj O Miłość 5:37 1 ×
Leszek Cichoński  Hej Joe  Leszek Cichoński - Hej Joe 6:25 2 ×

Info o umelcovi Leszek Cichoński

He was the first in Poland to prepare modern, blues and rock based instructional materials with audio tapes for guitar players. He hosted a guitar instruction series on Polish national television which continues to be rebroadcast. He is the publisher of his own and other education products. His instructional projects and workshops together with MIDI-MAX – his publishing house – were awarded with the Bronze Medal at the International Music Fair INTERMEDIA '94 in Wroclaw.


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