Legia Sportclub Tennis Courts

Legia Sportclub Tennis Courts

Adresa ul. Myśliwiecka 4a, Warszawa
Webová stránka www.tenislegia.pl
Telefón +48 22 745 10 90

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The facility at 4a Myśliwiecka Street is not only about tennis, tournaments, sparrings and a school for children. Legia Courts is a modern sports and recreation complex with a gym, fitness, wellness zone and professional sports medicine facilities. Under the stands of the central court there are shops with sportswear and tennis equipment. Legia’s courts are also a social centre and a place for business meetings. Since October, a club cafe – Cafe Legia – has been operating on the premises of the facility. Anyone who wants to spend time actively or meet friends will probably find something for themselves in the Legia tennis complex.


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