La Loba – online

Adresa Jungmannova 1, Praha 1
Štítky Tanec
Vstupné 150 Kč
Dĺžka 50 min
Réžia Lenka Vagnerová
Premiéra 29. 4. 2013
Autor Lenka Vagnerová, Zdeněk Jecelín

Hrajú: Andrea Opavská a Jana Vébrová

Curious at first sight, quite extraordinary. Though, she is hardly noticeable. No one can hear her, though she is not mute. Even though she stands, she turns.

La Loba is inspired by the story which is carried on by generations of storytellers in many different locations: A woman wandering through the countryside for years and building creatures out of the bones she carries around, has the ability to turn creatures back to life. She encompasses both life and death. However, none of us could know how difficult and unbearable her destiny is for her. And what if her powers last forever? She’s watching us all the time. We are just a short period of her life. Sometimes she laughs at us. But what if her patience runs out? She masters the conditions of her own existence and maybe she will not want to repeateverything once again.

La Loba is the performance of Lenka Vagnerová & Company which combines two art genres and two remarkable artists: dancer Andrea Opavská and singer Jana Vébrová. It is based on their unbridled energy, harmony and above all, power and intensity of expression. The key component of the performance is the music of Ivan Acher which springs from the sound of natural matters. Bones, wood, strings and animal skins are the elemental essences for building ritual moods bonded with the voice Jana Vébrová.

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La Loba  Trailer  La Loba – Trailer 2:29 41 ×
Jana Vébrová & Ivan Acher  Až mě vraní mrtvice  Jana Vébrová & Ivan Acher – Až mě vraní mrtvice 3:33 258 ×
Jana Vébrová  Buřtguláš  Jana Vébrová – Buřtguláš 4:12 157 ×
Jana Vébrová  Kykyrý (live)  Jana Vébrová – Kykyrý (live) 3:21 134 ×
Jana Vébrová  Čertíci (live)  Jana Vébrová – Čertíci (live) 2:00 85 ×



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