Pin-Up Studio

Pin-Up Studio

Adresa ul. Nowogrodzka 84/86, Warszawa
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Pin-Up Studio is an unique place in the center of the city, adapted to meet the needs of photo shoots, film shoots and various events. In 2013 expanded by new halls. In the once ‘Express Wieczorny’ and ‘Sztandar Mlodych’ printing house building are located modern photography studios and venue halls. Over 2000m2 of open floor surface, consisting of five different spaces that are directly connected with each other, allowing clients to actualize whatever ideas and make arrangements to suit individual needs. The industrial, minimalist spaces are ideal for conferences, training courses, fashion shows, wedding parties, concerts, product presentations, integration meetings, exhibitions and exhibits.


Zadaj názvy zastávky alebo ulice, odkiaľ chceš vyraziť a nájdi si najlepšie dopravné spojenie.


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