Adresa Grüntaler Straße 51, Berlin
Webová stránka www.kugelbahn-wedding.de
Telefón +49 179 5310073

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Kugelbahn is located at the dark end of Grüntaler Straße in the district Wedding, a place, where you would rather not expect finding a bar.

And Kugelbahn is certainly not just a pub: The cloud is the old bowling alley (Kegelbahn) from the 1950s, which is part of the venue besides a live music stage, art on the walls and a stylish bar.

the crowd consists of young hip Berliners as well as old regular guests of the bowling alley. Kugelbahn has become a popular meeting point in Wedding, also for the art and music scene.

The program itself is multifaceted: Kugelbahn organizes concerts, exhibitions, soul and funk DJ sets besides good drinks and of course bowling.


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