Die Randgruppencombo Spielt Gundermann

Adresa Am Flutgraben 2, Berlin
Štítky Folk, Rock

More than 19 years after the death of Gerhard Gundermann, his songs are more lively and up-to-date than ever. What rarely happens in the music scene happens here: The audience, which absorbs its songs like food (consumed is not good), rejuvenates itself by mixing generations in its earthy songs over the years. Meanwhile, almost half of the brightly singing as well as wide awake audience has never even experienced Gerhard Gundermann live.

Since 2000, the Randgruppencombo now plays Gundermann. In Tübingen and the surrounding area there were more than 120 performances. Since 2005, the combo, coming from different borders of the country, meets for two concerts before Christmas in the always sold out Landestheater and at the turn of the year to two or three concerts in Berlin.

Doors open: 19:00

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