Knihovna města Plzně

Knihovna města Plzně

Adresa Bedřicha Smetany 13, Plzeň
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The public library of the city of Pilsen is a universal library operating throughout the territory of the city of Pilsen. The user can become a citizen of the Czech Republic or a foreign national who has a residence permit. The library creates and secures funds for beautiful and professional literature, periodicals, and other materials in the scale and composition of the corresponding function. Building a regional literary and information fund oriented to Pilsen and surroundings. Deeper specializes in the literature of social science disciplines, especially in Linguistics, literary science and culture in General. Creates a pool of foreign-language poetry and literature.

The library provides services to the full 10% of all residents of Pilsen. Can choose from here’s rich collections of books, newspapers, journals and audiovisual documents. For the annual registration fee, you can use all basic services free of charge, specialised services are paid. In all major libraries is the ability to copy and access on the internet. – Translated by Automatic service


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