Kas:st + Héctor Oaks

Miesto Smolna
Adresa ul. Smolna 38, Warszawa
Štítky Elektronika, Techno, Deep Techno, Techno
Vstupné PLN 20–30
Web miesta www.smolna38.com

Kas:st are Paris-based duo that creates deep techno with a touch of ambient sounds. They will play with Héctor Oaks, a techno DJ and producer based in Berlin and born in Madrid. He runs the imprint OAKS and his productions on his own label were met with much acclaim. Sonically what is unique about Héctor’s sound is his uncanny sense of producing truly evocative and outstanding works of timeless techno. Powerful, deep, raw and emotive, his style juxtaposes classic and soulful Detroit and Chicago sound with Berlin’s modern, strong and gritty atmosphere. He also makes music as Cadency. Although his production has played an instrumental part in his success, it was DJing that first attracted him to electronic music. Having started mixing at 15, Héctor’s skill and musical selection have developed immensely over the years through both practice and dedication, using exclusively vinyl as his format of choice.

Vystupujúci umelci

Elektronika, Techno, Deep Techno, Techno


Kas:st  Lost Souls  Kas:st – Lost Souls 9:23 8 ×
Kas:st  Hell On Earth  Kas:st – Hell On Earth 7:01 0 ×
Héctor Oaks  No Selves  Héctor Oaks – No Selves 7:01 31 ×
Héctor Oaks  That Morning Upstairs  Héctor Oaks – That Morning Upstairs 5:23 4 ×



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