Kalle + Povodí Ohře + more

Adresa Vernéřovice 239, Vernéřovice
Štítky Punk, Experimental, Noise, Trip-hop, Elektronika, Rock, Alternatíva/Indie, Rap, Ambient, Experimental, Slowcore, Drone, Psychedelic
Vstupné 200 Kč
Web miesta www.soulkostel.cz

Six bands celebrate the end of the summer and welcome the start of the autumn season. The multi-award winning duo Kalle with their intimate song repertoire will perform alongside Povodí Ohře – a brand new band standing at the cross section of country and hard rock. While Rouilleux tend to experiment with guitars, White Wigwam is an electronic musician extending the heritage of Coil. They will perform both solo and together. Lišaj is a one-man act blending disparate genres such as hip hop and field recordings. As the noise producer Pergorik finishes his set, COOP DJs will guide the event into the morning hours.

Vystupujúci umelci

Experimental, Noise, Rock, Psychedelic
Elektronika, Rap, Ambient, Drone


Kalle  Forgiven (live)  Kalle – Forgiven (live) 5:31 238 ×
Povodí Ohře  Povodí Ohře  Povodí Ohře – Povodí Ohře 2:48 456 ×
Rouilleux  Swallow  Rouilleux - Swallow 4:23 181 ×
Lišaj  Szara (full EP)  Lišaj – Szara (full EP) 21:00 48 ×
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