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Julia Vikman  Подмосковные вечера  Julia Vikman - Подмосковные вечера 5:49 22 ×
Julia Vikman  Очи чёрные  Julia Vikman - Очи чёрные 5:25 13 ×
Julia Vikman  Катюша  Julia Vikman - Катюша 3:32 6 ×
Julia Vikman  Грузинская песня  Julia Vikman - Грузинская песня 2:43 12 ×

Info o umelcovi Julia Vikman

Born in Northern Russia, I grew up within a family where my mother as well as my father were active in the world of theater and music. So the my interests were attracted to music from very early age. After being put to sleep on the grand piano as baby every day, it was only a natural process that this instrument won all my passionate affection.

With same intensity I was fascinated by the world of literature leaving no chances to get bored of my time, there was either reading or playing piano.So, after education periods in schools the way opened to music academy and conservatory, studying classic piano, examinated and teaching also as music pedagogue.


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