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Jews in the Bohemian Lands, 10th–18th Centuries

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Adresa Maiselova 10, Praha 1
Štítky História
Vstupné 0–350 Kč
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The exhibition explores the inner life of Jewish communities in the Bohemian Lands and their multifaceted relations with surrounding society.

The introductory topic of the exhibition is the Jewish settlement of the Bohemian Lands, followed by topics of the Position of Jews within Medieval and Early Modern Society, The Jewish Community and Traditional Jewish Scholarship. The centre of the Synagogue is dedicated to Prague Jewry in the “golden age” of the Renaissance, with a special focus on the Golem legend and on the philanthropist and builder of the Maisel Synagogue, Mordecai Maisel.

The northern aisle is dedicated to Jewish livelihood, social life, as well as to discrimination against Jews, anti-Jewish riots and spiritual oppression. The exhibition is concluded by a short epilogue in the western part of the Synagogue under the gallery, depicting an example of how Jewish Enlightenment and the growing interaction between Jews and Christians in enlightened Prague foreshadowed a change in the lives of Czech Jewry starting at the end of the 18th century.

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