Jaya The Cat

Punk, Reggae, Ska USA, Holandsko www.jayathecat.com
S Jaya The Cat

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Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar št 16. 12.  19:30 Jaya The Cat

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Jaya The Cat + support: Riskee and The Ridicule Berlin, Festsaal Kreuzberg pia 31. 1. 2020 20:00 Jaya The Cat + support: Riskee and The Ridicule
Mighty Sounds 2019 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 12. 7. – 14. 7. 2019 Mighty Sounds 2019
Jaya the Cat Berlin, SO36 pia 14. 12. 2018 20:00 Jaya the Cat
Jaya The Cat + Rabies Praha 5, Futurum Music Bar št 27. 9. 2018 19:30 Jaya The Cat + Rabies
Mighty Sounds 2017 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 14. 7. – 16. 7. 2017 Mighty Sounds 2017
Mighty Sounds 2015 Sezimovo Ústí, Letiště u Čápova dvora 3. 7. – 5. 7. 2015 Mighty Sounds 2015


Jaya The Cat  Here Come The Drums  Jaya The Cat – Here Come The Drums 3:31 51 ×
Jaya The Cat  Closing Time  Jaya The Cat – Closing Time 3:40 25 ×
Jaya The Cat  Goodmorning  Jaya The Cat – Goodmorning 3:25 15 ×
Jaya The Cat  Borrowed Time  Jaya The Cat – Borrowed Time 3:29 6 ×
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Info o umelcovi Jaya The Cat

Jaya the Cat is a reggae, ska and punk rock band founded in the mid-1990s in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. In 2003 they found a new home in Amsterdam.

Jaya The Cat was founded by Geoff Lagadec, Dave Smith and Ben Murphy. Their first album Basement Style was recorded in Boston. After drummer David “The Germ” Germain joined in 2001, the band began touring the United States and Europe. After several changes to the band’s set-up, and finally their move to the Netherlands, the band’s fifth studio album was released in November 2017.

Jaya the Cat describe their style of music as Drunk Rock Reggae and name The Clash as their greatest musical influence.


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