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Jaroslav Hutka Brno, Leitner Club pia 2. 10. 2020 20:00 Jaroslav Hutka
Vladimír Merta Trio + Jaroslav Hutka + ďalší Brno, KC Semilasso ut 12. 5. 2020 19:00 Vladimír Merta Trio + Jaroslav Hutka + ďalší
Jaroslav Hutka Brno, Leitner Club št 23. 4. 2020 20:00 Jaroslav Hutka
Jaroslav Hutka Praha 2, Balbín poetic pub po 23. 12. 2019 20:00 Jaroslav Hutka
Jaroslav Hutka Plzeň, Papírna str 4. 12. 2019 20:00 Jaroslav Hutka
Minulost mává nám Brno, Káznice Brno ut 19. 11. 2019 19:30 Minulost mává nám


Jaroslav Hutka  Pravděpodobné vzdálenosti  Jaroslav Hutka – Pravděpodobné vzdálenosti 5:37 268 ×
Jaroslav Hutka  Litvinov  Jaroslav Hutka – Litvinov 6:03 162 ×

Info o umelcovi Jaroslav Hutka

Jaroslav Hutka is a Czech folk musician, composer and songwriter. At the end of the sixties, he began performing with Vladimir Veit (Hutka and Veit). Later he performed with his own music program, which, inter alia, popularized by Moravian folk songs. He won many supporters, and he was evaluated as a singer-songwriter of the year. He was a founder and member of the Folk Association of Saffron. He became a signatory of Charter 77 Due to constant police harassment (Action Redevelopment) left Czechoslovakia in October 1978 and lived in exile in the Netherlands. After the fall of communism, the 26th November 1989, he returned the same day already sang the manifestation of the Civic Forum on the Letna plain. Over time he became a critic of the Czech post-communist democracy. Today he release his music by himself he is burning CD on his own computer, he can draw and print CD covers and he is packaging itself and selling or giving away at their concerts. – Translated by Automatic service


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