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JKO & Ensemble Flair – Studánky inspirace Mikulov, Zámek Mikulov so 10. 10. 2020 19:00 JKO & Ensemble Flair – Studánky inspirace
Pavel Šporcl – Vánoce Brno, Sono Centre ut 27. 11. 2018 19:00 Pavel Šporcl – Vánoce
5th Concert: Sacred Music Velké Bílovice, Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary so 6. 10. 2018 18:00 5th Concert: Sacred Music
4th Concert: Violino of Václav Hudeček Lednice, Lednice Riding Hall pia 5. 10. 2018 19:00 4th Concert: Violino of Václav Hudeček
Janáček Chamber Orchestra Jihlava, Municipal Hall ut 22. 5. 2018 19:00 Janáček Chamber Orchestra
Lednicko / valtický hudební festival 2017 Lednice, Lednicko-valtický areál 30. 9. – 14. 10. 2017 Lednicko / valtický hudební festival 2017

Info o umelcovi Janáček Chamber Orchestra

Janáček Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1964 by notable musicians of Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra Ostrava. Shortly after, Zdeněk Dejmek took over the artistic guidance and thanks to his impressive musicality, sense of style and systematic precise work he brought the orchestra up to an excellent level and gave it a distinctive interpretation character. They named the ensemble after the most remarkable Czech composer of the first half of 20th century L. Janáček, a native of nearby Hukvaldy, who always had strong feelings for that region and got inspired by it many times when composing his music. The repertoire of the ensemble includes compositions from baroque to contemporary styles, which match the sound possibilities of an orchestra of twelve members; however, adding other instruments is no exception these days. Top interpretation repeatedly brought the ensemble to festival concerts, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, where the ensemble performed with remarkable Czech or foreign soloists. In 2005 Zdeněk Dejmek handed the artistic guidance over to a violinist Jakub Černohorský who already successfully guided Janáček Chamber Orchestra on its tour in South Korea in 2004.


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