Jakub Gliński: Długo nie pożyjesz. Rozumiesz?

Adresa ul. Puławska 37, Warszawa
Štítky Maľba
Vstupné Zdarma
Web miesta www.v9gallery.com

Old love never dies – it’s time for another meeting with Jakub Gliński at V9. Exhibition “Długo nie pożyjesz. Rozumiesz?” is good ocassion to see how paintings of the artist manages both in the harsh street ecosystem and in the hermetic vacuum of post-industrial rooms.

Jakub Gliński is a painter, audiovisual artists and an experimental musician who tend to utilize selfcreated, abstract and expressionist aesthetics of „trash and error”. The form of his art became an impressive monodrama, often a very violent performance in which Jakub is able to demonstrate his emotions. The most important part is the act of creation of an instalation or a painting itself, process which is mostly based on intuition and current mood of the artist. He often paints things only to cover them up with paint, sometimes even six or seven layers. In his work he combines trash found in his current, preferably industrial, location. This intimate process refers to a specific civilization everytime, to its wasting of things and objects.


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