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Jacques Kuba Séguin + Mateusz Pałka Trio Kraków, Strefa ut 15. 8. 2017 21:00 Jacques Kuba Séguin + Mateusz Pałka Trio


Jacques Kuba Séguin  Krajobraz  Jacques Kuba Séguin - Krajobraz 8:07 1 ×
Jacques Kuba Séguin  Transit  Jacques Kuba Séguin - Transit 7:18 2 ×

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Versatile and adventurous, this trumpeter and composer of Polish origins is turning heads. Jacques Kuba Séguin is a player who likes to shake up his sound with different outfits: with the Odd Lot ensemble, the Montreal musician blends jazzy urban grooves & Eastern European music, while in the Litania Projekt, he marries neoclassical with Northern European jazz. In this performance he presents a program that swings between modernity and tradition.


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