Café Fatal

Miesto SO36
Adresa Oranienstraße 190, Berlin
Štítky Workshop, Elektronika, Swing
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Whether Berlin’s LGBTIQ* community, curious tourists or the colorful Kreuzberg neighborhood; on Sunday evenings, everyone is welcome to have fun.

Every Fatal evening starts with a dance class; quite classic, and yet very different: newbies and secret Travoltas, singles and couples, notorious gross motorists and ballet thugs, everyone can learn to dance with like-minded people, without dancing school-chic, without obligation, without extra-costs.

So that the freshly learned steps then immediately go into flesh and blood, strict ballroom music will be sounding from the DJ console the whole evening. And those who want to let off steam beyond the dance floor can quickly find teammates for table tennis or table football in the sports lounge. And because one should go when it is at its best, the party ends at 11pm.

In Café Fatal, the guests celebrates themselves, full of joy and enthusiasm about a party that has its very special imperfect charm.



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