Huun Huur Tu

Folklór, Alternatíva/Indie Rusko
S Huun Huur Tu

Nadchádzajúce koncerty

Praha 1, Church of The Saviour pia 8. 10.  19:00 Huun Huur Tu
Brno, KC Semilasso so 9. 10.  19:00 Huun Huur Tu
Ostrava, Dům kultury města Ostravy po 11. 10.  19:00 Huun Huur Tu

Uplynulé koncerty

Huun-Huur-Tu Wrocław, Stary Klasztor str 4. 12. 2019 20:00 Huun-Huur-Tu
Huun-Huur-Tu Bratislava – Staré Mesto, Veľký evanjelický kostol str 20. 11. 2019 19:00 Huun-Huur-Tu
Huun Huur Tu Praha 7, KZ Domovina str 21. 11. 2018 19:30 Huun Huur Tu
Huun-Huur-Tu Wrocław, Stary Klasztor ut 20. 11. 2018 20:00 Huun-Huur-Tu
Huun-Huur-Tu Wrocław, Stary Klasztor str 15. 11. 2017 20:00 Huun-Huur-Tu
Huun Huur Tu Praha 2, U Hasicu Theatre po 16. 3. 2015 19:30 Huun Huur Tu


Huun Huur Tu  Chiraa–Khoor  Huun Huur Tu – Chiraa–Khoor 5:32 296 ×
Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo  Eternal  Huun Huur Tu & Carmen Rizzo – Eternal 3:03 204 ×

Info o umelcovi Huun Huur Tu

File Huun Huur-Tu-comes from the Siberian city of Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, an autonomous republic of the Russian Federation. Tuva became legendary famous among fans of throat singing, to which the file belongs. Since ancient times here in this way they sang the original inhabitants of the Siberian taiga. When singing throaty one singer can sing at the same time two or three tones. It uses the aliquot sounds, which achieves a special vocal technique that selectively expands natural harmony voice. Huun-Huur-Tu accompany his singing traditional musical instruments.

The group was founded in 1992. It aims to become a restoration of ancient traditions, the resurrection of the old and forgotten songs, but the members of Huun-Huur-Tu are dedicated not only traditional musical arts, inserted into other elements. Group represents the most popular genre of music tuvanské, xöömei (throat singing). Her performances can be compared to the lexicon of musical imitation, in which the sounds are converted into a mimetic nature of musical pictures. – Translated by Automatic service


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