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Hulakula Entertainment Center – is one of the largest recreation and entertainment centers in Poland, as well as a unique music club. It contains 28 bowling alleys, a pool room, three playgrounds for children, three bars and two independent club halls where music events take place regularly. The wide and diverse Hulakula offer provides entertainment for children and adolescents, adults and seniors. The center’s services are used by both individual and corporate clients. Flexible space of the new Hulakula headquarters, located next to the Gdański Bridge, gives wide possibilities of arranging and building original event concepts. It is an ideal place for organizing concerts, fashion shows, boxing fights, as well as press conferences, trainings, product presentations or integration events for 3 thousand. people, including attractions for children. Rich, modern technical facilities: multimedia, lighting, sound system, meets the highest standards, and at the same time, thanks to its modularity, offers diverse solutions tailored to the individual needs of customers.


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