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Hořký kafe + Moruše Praha 1, Blues sklep Hořký kafe + Moruše

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They lived all played the hell of two musicians, who one day decided that pulling in music as a duo. After a while harsh training and self-denial came a feeling of a job well done and the two boys began their harmony guitars more and more like it. Honza, besides singing, he also plays the lubovku domestic production of the fifties and Petr supports all fretless his touch and his skilled opponent.

At concerts throughout our country, even though now they are also beyond, it can sometimes hearing it with pianist Hankou nettle, which is among other things a great songwriter and singer, and no or too with Martina Trchová, which gives them their beautiful voice and gives the same as Hank songs Kafáčů another dimension. – Translated by Automatic service


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