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Historical vehicles

Vstupenky na mieste
Adresa Purkyňova 105, Brno
Vstupné 70–320 Kč

The display offers a short outline of the history and production of important producers of motor vehicles in Moravia, i. e. Tatra Kopřivnice, Zbrojovka Brno, Wikov Prostějov and other small-scale producers – e. g. a Brno based company “Hrček a Neugebauer” that is famous for converting more expensive personal cars into special fire trucks.

The display is supplemented with a medium-sized car workshop of a private entrepreneur from the 1930s with the most essential equipment for repairing motor vehicles or other transport technologies, e. g. vehicles using a team of horses. An operable model of one of the first driving simulators which were used at driving schools is also on display.



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