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Heirs  Hunter  Heirs – Hunter 6:24 23 ×
Heirs  Fowl  Heirs – Fowl 2:02 53 ×
Heirs  Mockery  Heirs – Mockery 9:56 123 ×
Heirs  Russia  Heirs – Russia 6:22 17 ×

Info o umelcovi Heirs

In faraway Australia, the land of endless plains, gave birth to the band that their music seems to express that beauty lies in the community and continuity that escalating rhythm, which subsequently dissolves in the post-rock guitar fog, we bring the same feeling of weightlessness as a melodic line thereminová disappearing into space.

Heirs are subscribed label Denovali, which released the two most successful boards – EP Fowl and Hunter. For them reaped recognition at home and abroad. Words, music journalist Rene Shaefer: “The Heirs of terror is present halucinující beauty, the beauty of infinitely stretched time intervals between endless seconds and the desire for oblivion echoing empty mind.” – Translated by Automatic service


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