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S Haller

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Berlin, Frannz Club št 11. 3.  20:00 Haller

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Haller  Schön Genug  Haller – Schön Genug 3:24 1 ×
Haller  Am Ende Des Tages  Haller – Am Ende Des Tages 2:48 5 ×
Haller  Mädchen  Haller – Mädchen 3:21 4 ×
Haller  Junge  Haller – Junge 3:07 1 ×
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Info o umelcovi Haller

The name, Haller, should be remembered. Because the 26-year-old Berlin-based musician is a star, even if the only few people know it yet. Under the radar Haller has released two self-confident EPs. The beats are catchy and edgy, the lyrics are personally touching, fragile and always perfectly matching the rhythm. A Fusion between pop gestures and minimalism.

For his upcoming debut album Haller retired to a farmhouse in no man’s land. Far away from the metropolises he records rhythm and blues drums, funk basses and minimalist guitars, track by track. All by himself. Additionally he sings so smoothly to the point and brings his voice from the highest notes down to the bass.

Haller’s ego is shy though. He is the anti-drake. Haller seeks the clear and true, makes it as easy as possible without fear of directness, and finds his unwavering basic confidence in his minimalism. In short, he can afford to be sympathetic. With his “New Simplicity” he gets rid of any meta layers and stands with two feet on the ground.


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