Gunther Emmerlich: Die Welt und Ich - 70 Jahre Emmerlich

Adresa Schloßstraße 48, Berlin
Štítky Show, Pop
Vstupné 18–35.50 €

Hrajú: Michael Fuchs, Ive Kanew, Lars Kutschke, Roger Goldberg, Volkmar Hoff

Many songs of his 50-year-long career have been released, seen and heard. What is missing will be presented in Gunther emmerlich’s current program Die Welt und ich – 70 Jahre Emmerlich.

“I put my small life in relation to the big world”. The program is a musical time travel, pointed, jolly, laconic and with funny contexts, stories and anectodes from his own life. Gunther presents a big choice of different music styles, such as evergreens, swing, rock and roll, musical hits and chansons. Hits of the Mokees, the Beatles, by Bill Haley, Elyvis Presley and from My Fair Lady, The Beggar Student and Anatevka – accompanied by the Michael-Fuchs-Band from Dresden.

A fulminant evening with the probably most versatile singer in Germany.

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Show, Jazz, Opera, Pop, Schlager


Gunther Emmerlich  Heimat Deine Sterne  Gunther Emmerlich – Heimat Deine Sterne 2:30 1 ×
Gunther Emmerlich  La Montanara  Gunther Emmerlich – La Montanara 3:04 2 ×
Gunther Emmerlich  Wenn Ich Einmal Reich Wär  Gunther Emmerlich – Wenn Ich Einmal Reich Wär 3:04 1 ×
Gunther Emmerlich  Rennsteiglied  Gunther Emmerlich – Rennsteiglied 2:02 1 ×
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