Grafi + Moneymaxxx + more (release party)

Adresa Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
Štítky Elektronika, Hip-Hop, Krst, Rap, Metal

Grafi, or Grafi Versace as he likes to call himself in social media, is a young man who lives in Berlin. He came to music at the age of 13. At that time, everything started with the first own lyrics and beats. His musical past is still present today. Grafis Sound is a mix of trap, emo, some horrorcore and a pinch of metal. According to his own statement, the dynamics of the voice, flow and beats in his songs are particularly important to him. How it sounds, you can hear on his previous releases. Already in 2017 Grafi released his album Geistermusik. This year followed Unter Null, where he continues to develop his music.

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Hip-Hop, Rap, Miami bass, Trap, Memphis Rap, phonk


Grafi  200 Likes  Grafi – 200 Likes 2:57 0 ×
Moneymaxxx  Dämonen Übernehmen  Moneymaxxx – Dämonen Übernehmen 2:45 1 ×
Donvtello and Tightill  Du hast geratzt  Donvtello and Tightill – Du hast geratzt 3:18 3 ×
Capuz  Legendär  Capuz – Legendär 0:57 1 ×



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