Golden Grass + Wedge

Adresa Laskerstr. 5, Berlin
Štítky Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Vstupné 11.75 €

The Golden Grass is a free-wheelin, good-time rock and roll band. They play a soulful mix of heavy-country-funk-boogie and progressive-psychedelic-freakbeat. Their music is bursting with a feel-good energy, inspiring with an earnest vibe, and classic in a modern time.

Wedge was born into the spotlight in 2014 and their sound is accordingly archaic, extremely effective, “made from solid rock” and, when used correctly, causes fire, especially live. Wedge blends mainly elements of classic rock, 60s garage and some Psychedelic with a proper dose of joy while playing.

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Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Rock, Fuzz Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock, Heavy Psych


The Golden Grass  One More Time  The Golden Grass – One More Time 5:24 24 ×
The Golden Grass  Sugar N' Spice  The Golden Grass – Sugar N' Spice 6:05 13 ×
Wedge  Lucid  Wedge – Lucid 4:43 20 ×
Wedge  The Architect  Wedge – The Architect 6:18 10 ×



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