Garage store

Garage store

Adresa Veverkova 6, Praha 7
Telefón +420 777 147 133

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Trade with the plates, vintage amplifiers, turntables and speakers who opened the DJ Robot, whose fingers fondling it with with quite a few years. Part of the store is the rental service and ambience with hifi equipment.

Garage store is responsible for not only him, but also to Martin Šurda, teniskový guru, whose toes he’s well over ten years in the most original sneakers. Thanks to his knowledge and experience you in the Garage Store waiting for you the most stylish pieces from Nike, Vans and other brands.

The vision of the Garage Store but is not based only on a static place, where you take the biggest hits. Garage Store is mainly a meeting point that you will have fun. – Translated by Automatic service


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