GAMMA Festival

Adresa ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 20B, Gniezno
Štítky Hudobné
Vstupné PLN 25–45

A nationwide music event that combines sensory experiences: hearing, sight, taste and smell. It is an opportunity to get to know and understand modern electronic music better. The aim of the festival is to stimulate the environment interested in culture and art, create a place for discussion, exchange of views, broad cooperation and establishing social ties by meeting together in an unusual, specially arranged space of the City Park. The festival is divided into two parts. The first one creates and defines the urban space and the second one is devoted to cyclical workshops, lectures and film screenings that can help both creators and their recipients to exist or find their place in culture.

Vystupujúci umelci

Trip hop, Elektronika, Downtempo
Trip hop, Elektronika, Downtempo
Elektronika, Lo-Fi


Carsky  Dreams  Carsky – Dreams 3:21 7 ×
Seltron 400  Otwórz Oczy  Seltron 400 – Otwórz Oczy 7:28 5 ×
Seltron 400  Zabawa Trwa  Seltron 400 – Zabawa Trwa 5:59 2 ×
Pavel Iudin  Tokamak  Pavel Iudin – Tokamak 6:57 14 ×
Pavel Iudin  Casino Time  Pavel Iudin – Casino Time 4:20 6 ×



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