Galeria Labirynt

Galeria Labirynt

Adresa ul. ks. J. Popiełuszki 5, Lublin
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Telefón +48 81 466 59 20

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The Labyrinth Gallery is an urban cultural institution, a place to discover art and experience it as an adventure. Referring to the figure of the labyrinth, its construction is read “backwards” - not as a closed building, from which it is difficult to get out, but as a space which – thanks to its winding nature – increases our alertness and sharpens our senses. At the same time, the gallery remains faithful to the wandering act inscribed in the nature of the labyrinth. For them, the labyrinth is both a game of finding the way and the challenge of becoming a guide through an unfamiliar area. The labyrinth is a metaphor for contemporary art, stubbornness in overcoming obstacles and curiosity about what is beyond the border of sight.


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