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Melotron + Future Lied To Us Berlin, Lido Melotron + Future Lied To Us


Future Lied To Us  Blue Light  Future Lied To Us – Blue Light 5:17 1 ×
Future Lied To Us  Born In Silence  Future Lied To Us – Born In Silence 5:59 1 ×
Future Lied To Us  Suffocate  Future Lied To Us – Suffocate 5:24 1 ×
Future Lied To Us  Falling  Future Lied To Us – Falling 5:03 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi Future Lied To Us

What will the future bring? One might suspect one thing or another, but only the gods know certain information – if anyone at all. In any case, a new trio doesn’t have big hopes into the far future, at least that’s what their name suggests: Future Lied To Us. But actually, a happy future should be in front of the three men. At least the names of the three participants speak for this: Tom Lesczenski, Krischen Wesenberg, Vasi Vallis. If this doesn’t ring a bell yet, a view on the projects in which they have been involved so far: [:SITD:], Rotersand, Frozen Plasma / Reaper.

That looks good, but sounds even better. Stylistically, their msuic can be described as melodic, club-compatible electro pop – 15 years ago, one might have called it future pop.

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