FRH: Guiding Lights + Bastard Disco

Miesto Klub RE
Adresa ul. św. Krzyża 4, Kraków
Štítky Noise, Alternatíva/Indie, Rock, Garage
Vstupné PLN 15–20
Web miesta

The Guiding Lights team was founded by Asia, Łukasz and Piotr to play fast, nice and loud songs. The first rehearsal took place in November 2015 in Warsaw, and the zero concert in January 2016 in the already existing Eufemia club. Since then, Guiding Lights have played many concerts in Warsaw and outside of Warsaw, including at the OFF Festival 2017.

Bastard Disco is established in 2015

a four-person band playing music from the borderland

alternative rock, noise rock and post-hardcore years

90. Their music is influenced by groups such as

Fugazi, Quicksand, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth

or Pixies.

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Bastard Disco  Future Crimes  Bastard Disco – Future Crimes 3:25 28 ×
Bastard Disco  Warsaw Wasted Youth  Bastard Disco – Warsaw Wasted Youth 2:13 18 ×
Bastard Disco  Canvas  Bastard Disco – Canvas 3:51 5 ×
Bastard Disco  Mourning  Bastard Disco – Mourning 5:04 1 ×



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