Finest Lobster: Asquith + Luz1e + More

Adresa Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
Štítky House, Elektronika
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Jimmy Asquith is one of the busiest figures in the wonderful world of electronic music. Since he started the label Lobster Theremin five years ago, it has not only become a strong platform for dozens of new acts, created its own distribution but has also founded ten (!) sub labels. The imprint which had been responsible for the lo-fi house hype in its beginning, has moved on from short-living niche trends and established itself as a smart and tasteful instance for all kinds of house, timeless and modern. May it be the electro-infected sound of Frankfurt’s DJ Luz1e, the sample and disco heavy tracks of Route 8 or the UK breakbeat house of Belgian Supreems, Asquith brings together all of them for the Finest Lobster party.

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Veľká Británia
Noise, House, Techno, Elektronika, Lo Fi House, UK Garage
Electro, House, Techno, Elektronika, Lo Fi House, Ambient
House, Elektronika, Lo Fi House, House


Asquith  The Conditioning Track (NYC Mix)  Asquith – The Conditioning Track (NYC Mix) 5:46 0 ×
Luz1e  Exploration Of The Mind  Luz1e – Exploration Of The Mind 6:48 1 ×
Route 8  The Sunrise in Her Eyes  Route 8 – The Sunrise in Her Eyes 6:02 73 ×
Supreems  When Two Souls Reach  Supreems – When Two Souls Reach 5:31 0 ×



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