Adresa ul. Ostrobramska 75c, Warszawa
Žáner Historický, Akčný
Dĺžka 114 min
Réžia Władysław Pasikowski
Premiéra 2019

Hrajú: Phillippe Tłokiński, Patrycja Volny, Julie Engelbrecht, Grzegorz Małecki, Michael Terry, Rafał Królikowski, Mirosław Baka, Zbigniew Zamachowski

A turbulent story and full of tension events in the life of Jan Nowak-Jeziorański during World War II, when he served as a courier of the Home Army. His lonely mission was to determine the fate of Poland and the war. He is being prosecuted by all the hostile interviews and in the middle of the night he was thrown from the Savoy Hotel to Żabno, he meets people who change his life forever.


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