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Fata Morgana

Vstupenky na mieste
Adresa Nádvorní 134, Praha 7
Štítky Ostatné
Vstupné 0–375 Kč
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Fata Morgana is a tropical greenhouse and modern construction with an unusual “S” shaped ground plan which is embedded into rocky terrain. The natural breakup of the rocky surface is artfully exploited for the terraced planting of beautiful vegetation. This remarkable shape and unique solution for exhibition covers approximately 1750 sq. metres and is considered unparalleled throughout Europe.

The interior of the greenhouse is divided into three self-reliant sections of different temperature and humidities, in which the visitor gradually becomes acquainted with the vegetation of tropical and, in part, subtropical climatic zones. The plants are differentiated according to the important phytogeographical regions with the aim of recreating the conception of natural plant formations.



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