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Experiencing Chopin

Adresa ul. Okólnik 1, Warszawa
Vstupné PLN 13–22

The music, smell and light – these are only some of the special effects, which are waiting to stimulate the visitors’ senses. Innovative approach to the subject of Chopin’s life and output wins recognition of both music lovers, historians and artists. The idea of the Museum is mainly the individual touring and experiencing Chopin. The Museum is specially designed to meet preferences of the visitors. Individual visiting root can be defined with the use of a special ticket using the RFID technology. The settings will be saved on a plastic card. It will allow, according to the chosen visiting profile, to explore the audiovisual level of the exhibition. Every profile will at the end be accessible in 8 languages.

The exposition has been located on the 4 floors of the Ostrogski Palace, including the basement. On each of the floors the visitors will find various information about Chopin’s life, works, shown from the point of view of for example: Chopin’s Warszaw years or the Paris times.



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