Exhibition Opening: Kuna nese nanuk

Miesto 8smička
Adresa Kamarytova 97, Humpolec
Štítky Vernisáž
Vstupné 88 Kč
Web miesta www.8smicka.com…

The exhibition is based on the interwar avantgarde tradition and 1960s Lettrism art. The alphabet, as a set of basic building stones of our language, serves self-expression. Literary and visual artists play with letters and explore the limits between word and image, or use the script to amplify the visual effect. The letter, as a sign, and simultaneously often also an aesthetic geometric symbol, plays an important role also in the current digitised world, where focusing just on text and not observing only visual navigation through images or photographs is becoming increasingly difficult.

Ďalšie akcie v rámci: Kuna nese nanuk: The Art of Reading Art

8mm: Český sen Humpolec, 8smička 8mm: Český sen
Rodinná výtvarná dílna Humpolec, 8smička Rodinná výtvarná dílna
Komentovaná prohlídka výstavy Kuna nese nanuk Humpolec, 8smička Komentovaná prohlídka výstavy Kuna nese nanuk

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