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Sonic Realm & Darkroom Praha 7, Cross Club Sonic Realm & Darkroom
Room: Elektrabel Plzeň 3 – Jižní Předměstí, Buena Vista Club Room: Elektrabel
Lunchmeat Festival 2020 Praha, Prague – rôzne miesta Lunchmeat Festival 2020
Totem Festival 2020 Rovensko pod Troskami, Camping v Ráji Totem Festival 2020
Komiks: San Proper + Arnii & Fractions + ďalší Praha 7, Altenburg 1964 Komiks: San Proper + Arnii & Fractions + ďalší
Bassmatico: Edward + Filip Foreigner + ďalší Praha 7, Cross Club Bassmatico: Edward + Filip Foreigner + ďalší


Elektrabel  Influence  Elektrabel – Influence 5:24 65 ×
DJ Elektrabel  Vatan  DJ Elektrabel – Vatan 6:59 187 ×
DJ Elektrabel  Ampule  DJ Elektrabel – Ampule 4:36 94 ×
DJ Elektrabel  Naana  DJ Elektrabel – Naana 3:52 80 ×
DJ Elektrabel  Crocks  DJ Elektrabel – Crocks 4:17 61 ×

Info o umelcovi Elektrabel

DJ Elektrabel, real name Tomas Hartl, is a part of the top of Czech electronic scene. Native Břeclav dictates many years the hardest, but the most intelligent way of electronic music for listen. To date, he played almost in all clubs and festivals in the country, even a few respectable places in the world like Tresor Berlin or Tokyo Womb. The first time he gave known about himself was through the Czech Virtual Label, which was published in 2001, his debut Untitled. Two years later he succeeded with unprecedented. His production saw Jeff Mills, who later on the sub-label of Axis Records 6277 gave Tomas the first foreign vinyl MISSION 01 – Elektrabel EP. About two years later came the further cooperation and the next release Crocks, marked the forthcoming LP For Various Reasons, released as MISSION 04 which had success with critics and the general public too. Later that year, issued the fifth Mission – Trefa, which only confirmed his strong position on the top. Followed by Edensonic, Pohjola and Antiritmo, which later added other smaller or bigger labels, where he is releasing at the present. His sound is still characterized by hard-hitting rhythms and hypnotic synthesizers loops, but recently also with dense pads and slower minimalistic beats, when one or another part of the production he plays based on the character of the event.


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