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Drumtyatr Praha 6, Klubovna št 11. 5. 2017 20:30 Drumtyatr
Ukraińska Wiosna: DrumTYatr Poznań, Meskalina str 10. 5. 2017 19:00 Ukraińska Wiosna: DrumTYatr

Info o umelcovi Drumtyatr

Project launched in January 2010 by Yuriy Izdry and Hrihorija Semenczuk, writers and musicians of extremely distant worlds; Quite different age and weight classes that are now the core of the “declamation electro-punk” style. This core eagerly invites to the joint performances of all willing, both professional musicians and amateurs, as well as poets, artists and performers. The group composes sounds from the borders of hip hop, krautrock, trip hop, industrial and various types of electro music, accompanied by poetry texts by Izdry and Semenczuk and other Ukrainian poets.


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