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Techno, Drum and bass, House, Hardstyle, Elektronika, Dark Techno, Neurofunk, Liquid Funk, Minimal, Jump-up Nemecko…
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DJ Upzet  Hidden Keys  DJ Upzet – Hidden Keys 38:19 0 ×
DJ Upzet & MC Fava  Broken-hearted  DJ Upzet & MC Fava - Broken-hearted 2:00 0 ×
Upzet  Double Trouble  Upzet – Double Trouble 2:01:32 1 ×
Upzet  Out Of Mind  Upzet – Out Of Mind 56:44 0 ×
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Info o umelcovi DJ Upzet

Since the beginning of the nineties DJ Upzet has been a fan of electronic music. At first he was attracted to acid and progressive techno. 1997, at the age of 16, he discovered his passion for drum & bass music and in 1998 he started mixing it.

Today, liquid funk, deep, dark, tech, neurofunk and jumpup are his usual styles, but mixing oldskool jungle and happybreakbeats also gives him a sense of delight, but he also plays techno, house and minimal sets.

In 2001 he started organizing drum & bass events. In 2009, Upzet moved to Berlin, where he is still DJing and promotes club dates like Out of Mind, Step higher, Infected, Lucid Dreaming and other events. In 2010 he founded the Berlin-based Out of Mind Crew: Hardy and Solho, Nursa, Stone and Upzet.

In 2015 he took over club Subland, now called Void.


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