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Bread&&Butter 2018 Berlin, Arena Berlin 31. 8. – 2. 9. 2018 Bread&&Butter 2018


DJ Pitch  Mix For The Astral Plane  DJ Pitch - Mix For The Astral Plane 38:11 0 ×
DJ Pitch  Mix For Radar Radio  DJ Pitch - Mix For Radar Radio 59:40 0 ×
DJ Pitch  187 Gunman X Kent Nizzy  DJ Pitch - 187 Gunman X Kent Nizzy 6:18 0 ×
DJ Pitch  Rip Groove X No Hook  DJ Pitch - Rip Groove X No Hook 5:23 0 ×
DJ Pitch  Tobago Tracks Takeover  DJ Pitch - Tobago Tracks Takeover 59:56 0 ×

Info o umelcovi DJ Pitch

DJ Pitch has made an indelible mark on London’s club and experimental landscapes over the past several years, but more often than not, the Watford-born DJ, producer, label head and promoter has operated behind the scenes. Pitch has quietly amassed an impressive catalogue of original productions, blends and mix work though, much of it settling in at the unpopular 120 BPM range and almost all of it showing a nous for rhythm and pleasing vocal manipulation. Of course, most will be familiar with his work with Tobago Tracks (TT), the label he co-runs with Gribs, and his early work as Pitcheno, including an intoxicating collaboration with Organ Tapes that is still rinsed to this day.


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