Toby Belch (Is Unwell)

Adresa Míšeňská 71/3, Praha 1
Divadelný spolok Fetch Theatre
Web miesta…
Diaľka 60 min
Jazyk English friendly

Toby Belch, is unwell. The years of drinking, late nights and debauchery have taken their toll and now he faces his end with the knowledge that he is seen as a buffoon, a drunken sot and a bully. He could have been Hamlet, couldn’t he?

‘If you go to theatre to share in something real, connect to your deepest humanity, hopes and fears, be transported and to feel more… then this is the show for you’. (Theatre Nation)
​'A top performance, mixing spit, sniggers & pathos in equal measure.' (Robertsbridge Arts Partnership)


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