Science Slam

Miesto Lido
Adresa Cuvrystraße 7, Berlin
Vstup 19:30
Štítky Slam poetry
Vstupné 8–10 €
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Science Slam Berlin in October 2018

What does the autumn bring? Colourful leaves and the Science Slam!

At Lido, there will be 6 scientists on stage, to deliver their passion to the audience. Therefore, all sort of presentation is allowed, it will bang, suprise and be loud! Some will rap, some will present a Power Point presentation, some will perform experiments in front of the eyes of the audience. Everything is allowed, what explains the topic and lets the sparks fly!

The audience will discuss, and finally vote for the winner of the evening!

You want to participate? All subjects are welcome! The only condition is that you present your own research and results. If you are interested, contact

Doors: 19.30



Zadaj názvy zastávky alebo ulice, odkiaľ chceš vyraziť a nájdi si najlepšie dopravné spojenie.

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