Adresa Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1, Berlin
Štítky Dráma
Dĺžka 110 min
Réžia Michael Thalheimer
Premiéra 29. 11. 2018
Autor Heiner Müller nach Shakespeare

Hrajú: Sascha Nathan, Constanze Becker, Tilo Nest, Kathrin Wehlisch, Ingo Hülsmann, Niklas Kohrt

Macbeth is one of the most famous dramas of William Shakespeare. Heiner Müller’s translation is much more than just a revision. It is an original drama about the dialectic of power.

After the tide of cruel dictators that spawned the 20th century, Macbeth and Hamlet join the line of archetypal figures. His will to power is spurred on until he reaches a position he can no longer fill. He fights his fear with ever greater violence and he can only enjoy his ruling in sadistic commands. The political situation in Macbeth resembles a murky marshland, in which every action dies immediately.

At the premiere in 1972 in the GDR Heiner Müller had to accept the charge of nihilism. Today, one has to realise that this is a realistic picture of a world in which the powerful see their most important goal in preserving their power. In Heiner Müller’s version, Shakespeare’s fable shows how history becomes a utopian space where the future dies in the moment of action. A society that only wants to preserve its status quo, freezes in fear of itself and gives birth to cruelty instead of hope.

As a director of the house, Michael Thalheimer continues his work with Shakespeare and Heiner Müller with this production.


Berlin, Berliner Ensemble so 9. 11.  19:30 Macbeth
Berlin, Berliner Ensemble ne 10. 11.  18:00 Macbeth



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